Cutaway Re-Pinnable Euro Fitted with PIN in PIN security

Mila BKS Cutaway Lock with Pin in Pin Security Pin Fitted
SKU: Mila BKS-PinP

Cutaway Mila BKS Practice Lock fitted with 3 different types of Security Pins, including one Pin in Pin.

This is a brand new, SOLID BRASS, 6 Pin Euro Cylinder practice lock, cutaway on one side to expose the springs, pins and shear line.

The Top Pins in this lock include 3 different types of security pins and 3 standard top pins.

One security pin is the "Pin in Pin" type, which means that one pin is literally fitted inside another, which makes it more difficult to open with a Lock Pick.

Please be VERY CAREFUL when removing the grub screws to swap any pins over in the lock as I have not been able to source any spare pins.


The "Pin in Pin" can easily be identified by the silver coloured spring holding it in place, so PLEASE be very careful when handling it because the pin is in two parts and the centre pin will be easily lost, and NO REPLACEMENT PIN in PIN pins are available to replace it.

The lock has been machined so that the pins and springs cannot fall out of the lock with normal handling, but I cannot emphasise enough the importance of the care needed when removing the grub screw from the Pin in Pin pinstack.


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